Fed up with the cost of running your Immersion just to have a shower?

If your Boiler needs to be upgraded or replaced. Why not look at the most obvious solution. A Combi Boiler

What’s a combi boiler and how does it work?Combination boilers are capable of providing instant hot water and heating while saving space within a home.The conventional arrangement in Ireland is to have a normal boiler which heats the radiators via a sealed water circuit. By “sealed” it is meant that the water is contained within the system, going around in a loop between the radiators and the boiler.To heat the “domestic hot water” (i.e. the water that comes out of the hot taps) the storage cylinder in the hot press has a coil in it through which the “radiator water” flows.The disadvantage with this arrangement is that if the cylinder does not have hot water in it you have to wait some time for the coil to heat it up.A ‘combi’ boiler is a boiler which combines both a conventional boiler for radiators and an independent water heater, together in the one unit. This dispenses with the hot water cylinder in the hotpress. But better still, it means that hot water is always available instantly and for as long as you need it. Running at 98% efficiency, it’s very cost effective and will pay for itself 3-4 years.

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